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  • September 22, 2016
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Welcome to, the first video platform made by and for the cannabis community. You have the freedom to watch, upload and monetize your videos without restrictions and without censorship.

What can you do in Weedly?

-Upload, categorize and tag your videos
-Easily share your videos on any social network or web site
-Have your own featured channel, providing you are an awesome video-maker
-Be visible to the world’s entire cannabis community, including businesses
-Monetize your videos without restrictions or censorship

In Weedly, you can access the following tools and functions:

- Search bar
This is your first ally when you want to find specific content in Weedly. The predictive-text-browser can search tags, simple expressions, members… anything!

Uploading videos has never been easier, but first make sure that whatever you upload really belongs to you, and that you have full rights to do so.
1- Select the video you want to upload
2- Give it a title
3- Fill in the “Description” and “Tags” fields thoroughly. That way your material will be properly indexed and this will help visitors know what your videos are about.
4- Choose the category that best fits your video.
5- Select your privacy settings in “Publication”, just remember that if you choose the “Hidden” option, no one in Weedly (or outside for that matter) will be able to see the video, unless you provide a direct link to it. Similarly, if you choose the “Private” option, only you will be able to watch it. We suggest that you always choose the “Public” option.
6- Metadata: With metadata, you equip you video with a unique distinction, here you can emphasize your authorship or even improve your video’s indexing in Google and elsewhere.

You also have the option to import videos from Youtube and Vimeo in order to make an easy migration to Weedly. However, if you choose to upload your videos this way, they won’t be so easy to administer or monetize.

-My Profile
In “My Profile” you have direct access to all your notifications, messages, friends, videos you have uploaded, any news bulletins you are subscribed to, your entries in the blog or in groups you belong to.
You can also edit your personal info and add images for your cover and avatar so your profile is personalized. Any info about you can be seen by visitors with this function.

In the menu (on the left of your screen) you will find the following functions:
-Home: This takes you to the Home page or “dashboard”
-Channels: Here you will find a list of the featured channels in Weedly, administered by their respective featured producers, where you can subscribe to them in order to receive notifications whenever they upload new material.
- Groups: In this function, you will find a list of groups created by the members and you can also create new groups to share with your friends.
- Blogs: Here you can access Weedly member’s blog entries. Take a look around and get to know what the other members are thinking. Do you have something to say? Or maybe you personal opinion about something? In “Blogs” you can share your thoughts and whatever you feel like.
- Livestreams: This is the function that will, soon, allow certain members to broadcast live to all the Weedly members and visitors, it can also be shared on any social network so more people can watch your show.
- Categories: Amongst the diverse categories that have been created for you, you will find content that has previously been classified by Weedly members. You can also classify your videos when you upload them in order to provide easy access to all the Weedly visitors and members.
We suggest you decide carefully before selecting the category of your video when uploading.

This is what you can find on the platform for now; there is room to grow and grow and grow, and more of the best tools will soon be arriving in order to improve your experience on
Do you have any specific questions? Don’t be shy! add us to your friends list and send us a private message, or you can email us at:, we will reply as quickly as possible.


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